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The Minimalist Gift Box
The Minimalist Gift Box
Peace On Po

The Minimalist Gift Box


For the minimalist in your life that wants to just get the job done with no muss or fuss. Also a great choice for those that prefer unscented products! 

Included is in this box:

1 Charlie Chapper Skin Balm

For extra dry, chapped skin areas that need a little extra love. Full of lush botanicals like Calendula, Lavender and Marshmallow Root that are infused into nourishing oils and rich shea butter to soothe and comfort dry skin when it needs it the most. Scent free.

1 Chamomile + Oat Artisan Soap Bar

Filled with house infused chamomile oil, colloidal oatmeal and oat extract to soothe, nourish and gently hydrate the skin. Specifically curated ingredients for sensitive, problematic and extra dry skin. Fragrance free. Palm oil free. Vegan.

1 All-Natural, Organic Sisal Loofah Soap Sock

An all-natural, organic bag to place your soap bar in for the bath or shower. It functions as a built in wash cloth for gentle exfoliation and to get the most from your soap bar as it dwindles down to the very last bit.

1 Nature is Neat Vinyl Sticker 

A durable and water resistant sticker to decorate your favorite water bottle, notebook or laptop. We have tested these in the dishwasher with no issues :)

Packaged in a beautifully appointed box and ready for your gift-giving! Decorations and ribbon around box may vary.

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